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Available Packages

Download SpeedEXPRESS for Home/SMEPROFESSIONAL for Business/Enterprise
Budget 5 Mbps (50GB)R 389 pm-
Up to 5 MbpsR 519 pmR 1199 pm
Up to 10 MbpsR 749 pmR 1599 pm (RUSH)
Up to 15 MbpsR 919 pmR 1899 pm (RUSH)
Up to 20 MbpsR 1149 pm (RUSH)R 2299 pm (RUSH)
Up to 35 MbpsR 1729 pm (RUSH)R 3299 pm (RUSH)
Up to 50 MbpsR 2299 pm (RUSH)R 4299 pm (RUSH)

Available Equipment Rental Options

Customize your equipment rental based on your needs and requirements 

 24 Months(monthly rental)12 Months (monthly rental)Month to Month
Once Off (Installation fee)--R 1999 (Once off)
Equipment RentalR 299 pmR 339 pmR 219 pm

Pick a router to suite your needs.

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 24 Months (monthly rental)12 Months (monthly rental)Month to Month (once off)
No Router (use my own)---
TP-Link WR850N (4 x 10/100)R 19 pmR 39 pmR 349 (once off)
TP-Link Archer C5 (4 x Gigabit)R 59 pmR 109 pmR 1 129 (once off)
Mikrotik hAP AC2 (4 x Gigabit)R 79 pmR 149 pmR 1 649 (once off)
TP-Link Deco E4 Mesh 2 Pack (2 x 10/100)R 139 pmR 249 pmR 2 699 (once off)
TP-Link Deco M4 Mesh 2 Pack (2 x Gigabit)R 179 pmR 329 pmR 3 579 (once off)

Difrence between Express and Profesional

Package DetailsEXPRESS for Home/SMEPROFESSIONAL for Business/Enterprise
SLABest EffortWith Penalties
Response TimeUp to 3 Business Days8 Business Hours
SupportHelpdesk (1st-Level)Priority (2nd-Level)
Contention1:51:1 (none)
Fair Use PolicyHIGH (500GB - 2000GB)VERY HIGH (750GB - 2500GB)
Upload Speed (up to)10% of Download Speed30% of Download Speed
Connection TypePtMP / AsynchronousPtMP / Asynchronous
Assigned Account ExecutiveNoYes
Public IP (IPv4 & IPv6)1 x Public IP (Dynamic)1 x FREE Static IP (valued at R115 pm)
Hosted PBX Extensionsx10 x FREE Included (valued at R460 pm)

All pricing include VAT and may change without notice. Service availability subject to onsite pre-installation survey by installer. All 12 and 24 Month orders are subject to affordability assessment by WIRUlink.
Budget 5Mbps package will throttle down to 2Mbps for the rest of the month, after using the first 50GB data. General Terms & Conditions, Acceptable Use & Fair Use Policy, Service Terms & Conditions and other terms apply, available at www.wiru.co.za.

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